Sunday, August 12, 2012


 A Little Help From Gaia
It's time to share my experience with you  

Stones, rocks, minerals and crystals fascinated me as a child.  As a clairvoyant adult I became interested in the study of these powerful little objects for use in healing and the Chakra system of energy.  In 2007, after completing a session on a client and bidding her farewell, I heard a voice telling me to lie down on the massage table and line the stones up on myself.  I thought, ‘Why not?’  There were personal issues that needed healing, which I had been struggling with. But almost immediately I fell into a deep sleep.   When I awoke, which I thought was within minutes of my dozing off but had actually been almost an hour, I lay there thinking I had missed my opportunity to communicate as I had been instructed and instead had fallen asleep.  As I sat up slowly, the Rough Fluorite stone that had been placed on my heart charka fell into my lap.  I looked at it and found it had blown apart into 3 pieces, one of them was actually on the floor.  I was both shocked and amazed at the thought this sizeable, hard stone had blasted into pieces by itself and that I was not awakened by that event.  My thoughts went to the problem that I should have been working on and for the first time the pain and anger I had felt in my heart was gone.  This was not a small issue…but rather one that affected many years of my adult life.   The healing of my heart stayed with me.  I was able to forgive and totally let go of the entire situation, and began a new personal journey forward.  The angels had shown me how powerfully these helpers of the mineral kingdom can be when we are open to using them.  This was not my last personal experience with the use of minerals and crystals.

Since that time, during readings, I am often shown or told of a particular mineral, crystal or stone the client should be working with to aide them in a self-help or healing process and I share that information with them. 

I am happy to now offer this focused tool for self-help.  If you feel it is time on your journey to rebalance, renew, and clear yourself of old debris, to move forward and empower yourself to manifest more clearly, with guidance from a higher source and the assistance of the mineral kingdom, this may be of interest to you;  
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Meanwhile, I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  Living in the moment is one of the biggest challenges we face.  Finding a way to do so, even for brief periods of time, can really ramp up the energy fields, renew our spirits and usher us into a place of joy.  I wish for you JOY, today and always. 

We are all one.
Blessings and Bliss,

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