Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Dear Friends;

I'm working diligently on some big projects that should have launched months ago.  I have learned to listen to messages and trust the flow. Where there is a block or delay there is often a higher reason, as frustrating as that can be I know to trust it.

Until this all comes together, (and it will soon now, in a new online presence with wonderful options for visitors to be involved in some processes that will offer ways to uplift and shift your life joyfully), I felt that resurrecting this blog is the way to go.  I don't do things little, I go for the big stuff but I'm a slow mover with my moon in Aries I need quick results, so I feel the inner struggle even when I'm in a place of trust.

So I'm pushing myself forward here and making a point of offering at least weekly posts for updates, news and cool stuff.   I want you to gain something and enjoy the postings, and truth be told this will help get me into the regular flow of things again until the big new website is launched.

Yesterday, as I'm feeling the self-push big time....and if you know me at all you know how important signs and symbols are as Divine messages in my life.... I came home after a short while away and found this HUGE sign painted on the road in front of my house.   Hahahaha. OK, OK. no need to rush I suppose. Thanks to my angels for the HUGE message. Can't get much louder than that!

Maybe it's a good week for you to pay attention to signs and symbols around you too.  Asking a question and than just waiting is a good way to do that and it's also a good way to get some answers.  I clearly needed some BIG guidance. :o) I guess we all do.

Be Joyful!  It's good stuff.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

HELLO BLOGLOVIN! I'm really enjoying this venue and excited about joining up with the audience. Though this blog is rather ancient and is an interim from my new one, about to be up this summer and full of goodies for visitors...I'm happy to be part of the Bloglovin group.  YAY! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Yipee! All new technology offering for Distance Readings! I'm so excited about this for both you and I.
WIN A FREE READING - Enter on my facebook page ;!/lindavaros
Beginning this month I will be offering my Distance Readings available LIVE ONLINE while we discuss the reading via the phone.   It is a wonderful way for you to SEE the reading while we discuss your questions and the answers that Spirit has provided for you.
I will explain my Distance Reading process below in more detail and also there are
several write-ups about my readings here on my blog.
Meanwhile, to jump right in to this new media for readings, I am offering a SPECIAL RATE for the month of JUNE ONLY.   The 3 Question Reading with Energy Scan,(normally $85 ) will be $65 only during the month of June and only when booked 1 week prior to the requested time for reading.  Do keep in mind I get fairly tightly booked in any case, and when I offer SPECIALS like this, the booking times get even tighter, especially near the end of the month.
That's just an FYI if you tend to procrastinate as many do.

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:  Normally, you email me 3 questions and give me permission to enter your energy field during the reading. I respond with a date and time we will meet-up on the phone.  At that time I will have already done your reading plus an energy scan of your energy field. 
When I call you at the scheduled time and we spend approximately 45 minutes on the phone reviewing what came for you and responses to your questions. 
NOW we will follow the same process however, I will email you prior to the phone call, with a link to an online site which will give you a live image of your reading on line.  We will then go over the reading and discuss what came for you and any other issues relating to your questions. 
My test clients have totally enjoyed this new way of being read at distance. 
I know you will enjoy it too.
Here is a link to some client reviews from my primary website,
which could use some updating but the posts are current.
Please take advantage of the JUNE SPECIAL to try this out.  I think you will find it a great advantage over a distance phone chat. I am looking forward to your next reading with me. 
And don't forget, Distance Readings make awesome gifts for your friends and family too!
DURING THE READING I connect with your Angels, Guides and Holy Spirit.  At this time I begin with a SCAN OF YOUR ENERGY FIELD.  A variety of things may come through for you from wellness tips based on your needs, to messages from deceased loved ones.  What I also get is an outline of the condition of your energy fields, your primary Chakras - followed by being shown what Crystals or Minerals would aid you in rebalancing yourself if that is what is needed.

REMEMBER - You SAVE $15 when you sign up for the JUNE SPECIAL.  

or via check, sent prior to the scheduled reading.

EMAIL /  to schedule your reading today.

P.S. Make sure you go to my facebook page and write a post to be put on the Winning List.  Two people will be selected for a Free will depend on WHO GUESSES THE MAGIC WORD, which is in the content of this page.(If no one guesses it, I will select two people by order of their number in line of postings.) Those numbers are hidden up my sleeve.   GUESS via this link and Good Luck!!/lindavaros

Saturday, May 10, 2014




Open your Heart Chakra and a new pathway to your creative soul at this special
Joyfully create a painting of your inner-fairie on 24"x24" canvas, take nature walks, be guided in meditation, enjoy birdsong and mountain top views. Create something truly meaningful.
No experience necessary.

Friday evening, June 27th, all day June 28th and June 29th until 3pm.
Join me at Stoney Creek B&B, near Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.
I am so excited to offer this workshop!  When by chance I discovered Stoney Creek, and what a story that is, I knew this is the wonderful location I have been seeking.  It arrived just after the above Muse showed up on my canvas.
This will be a wonderful weekend event.  If you are in the area you may travel in and out for the weekend, but consider staying at this lovely, rustic, well appointed, historic log home and it's 200 acres of forested pathways, ponds, creeks and mountain top views to rejuvinate you and and allow you the space and energy needed to clear you spirit and energy fields and truly create something from the depths of your very soul.
Classes will be held in the spacious, Stoney Creek Barn.
HERE is how it works:
*Friday evening,  *discussion about the role of the inner-muse in your life
* a guided meditation
*  your Muse helps you choose your colors
* campfire 'smores and drinks (weather permitting)
*Saturday is filled with painting guidance, a 'Clairvoyant Energy Scan' with Linda,
music, laughter and nature walks
*Sunday we complete our paintings, enjoy lunch and have circle time sharing the story of our paintings.
INCLUDED:  Lunch and dinner meals on Saturday and lunch on Sunday - Organic and healthy foods, such as Tabouli Salad, Tuna Salad or Grilled Veggie Sandwiches for lunch, snacks , Salmon, Turkey Burgers or a Vegetarian offering for dinner.
(These are meal examples not actual meals.  Menu will be supplied after confirmation of registration.)
Art Supplies are included; use of acrylic paints, brushes, tracing paper, templates and each person will receive a 24" x 24"  gallery style canvas for their creative pleasure.  This will save you from shopping for and lugging in supplies to the workshop.


Lodging is available at the historic stone and log Stoney Creek B & B. With hot tub, fireplaces, rustic decor, complimentary breakfast and with over 200 acres it offers a true respite. Enjoy the woodland walking trails, a pond, and access to Crooked Creek if you enjoy kyaking.
This historic home was built from 3 log houses and a barn.  It was built by hand and has wonderful details everywhere. The owners are creative, generous and kind hosts .  There is a dog training kennel on the property. Lodging is priced separately and space is limited. 
Once the B&B is filled, alternate lodging in the area will be suggested. 
WORKSHOP FEE ~ (Introductory Rate for first workshop at Stoney Creek; includes supplies) - $ 395.00
or contact via email for questions/for mailing a check/for lodging reservations; at
LODGING RATE ~ $ 65.00 per night, per person. 
This includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.
Linda Varos is equally established in the worlds of art and spirituality. She is a published artist in the realm of mystical & fairie art, an international art juror and promoter, and a clairvoyant medium who has been showcased in newpapers, radio and guested on PBS/WQED’s show ‘LifeQuest’ with Eleanor Schano.
 Her fairy art is showcased in; "Watercolor Fairies", Watson Guptill publishing/Author, David Riche'
and "500 Fairy Motifs', Collins & Brown publishing/Author, Myrea Pettit
She designed for the U.S. artglass industry for 27 years and has been a juror for numerous exhibitions including, "The Witching Hour", an international Harry Potter Symposium 

Her enthusiasm for the creative process and time in nature as access to knowing ones soul, is inspiring, uplifting, and her guidance is often just what a person is in need of when attending her workshops. 
 Regarding Linda's clairvoyance; “Linda Varos is a remarkable talent. She just “knows” who you are. I can’t say it any simpler.” Rick DiClemente, author of ‘The Exquisite Zodiac.’ 

Photo from smaller scale image workshop at; Full Spectrum Self 

THIS WORKSHOP IS SPONSORED BY - ART & SPIRIT LIFESTYLE; a new blogazine coming your way this summer!

Friday, November 22, 2013


This is from my personal family cookbook.  It's the recipe my mom gave me when I got married and cooked my first holiday turkey.

She was a beautiful woman with a funny sense of humor.  She included that humor in her recipes, which were always a success, even when I've used them.  

Barbara will be happy to know she was able to help you make your holiday bird.
Remember, this is an old fashioned recipe for using turkey from the local market or farm.

Take the turkey and clean it out
lay it on it's back
lift out the stuff between the bones on the back (in other words, clean it out well),
set the gizzards aside for later
burn off any hair with matches
cut off the part that went over the fence last
rinse it out
stuff it
make an aluminum tent and place it over the body and legs
bake at 350 degrees for  - 1 hour for each 2 lbs.
keep a bit of water in the bottom of the pan
(use a basting syringe to draw up the fluid ever hour and rinse it over the bird to keep it moist, add a bit of water as needed, replace foil)
Be careful not to undercook...too pink and tough/ or overcook, dried out and crunchy. Just test it.


Several loaves of day old bread (approx. 3 for an 18 lb turkey)
2 chicken bullion cubes
1.5 cups hot water
1 TBS poultry seasoning, more if you like stronger seasoning
2 eggs
chopped celery, onions and mushrooms
Salt and pepper and maybe a bit of garlic

Cube the bread and toss the chopped ingredients in a bowl with the bread cubes
dampen the bread mix (do not soak) dampen the bread with the water bullion solution
add the 2 eggs and sprinkle spices over top
mix all together very well
Place one end of loaf slice into the cavity all the way to the end
stuff the bird with your mixture
place the other end of loaf slice at the end of the stuffing just inside the cavity opening between the legs
Take a needle and thread and sew it shut
(or use skewers)
sit the bird in your turkey roaster pan
add some water to cover the bottom of the pan
IF YOU WISH - place the neck and heart from the bird cavity inside the pan next to the bird.
This will add flavor to your broth
Cover with foil tent
set temp at 350 and set the timer for 1 hour for each 2lbs of turkey weight
check on it every hour and drizzle liquid over the bird using the baster.
When it's ready, enjoy your bird.
Never pre-mix stuffing and let it sit overnight. 
Never stuff the bird unless you are ready to cook it
Well, I certainly didn't have much to say in 2013.  I guess that's true because I was so busy DOING things, making life changes and moving to my new home in the country that blogging just couldn't be on my VIP list in 2013.   

However, there is a new,more specifically focused blog coming alive in 2014.  A whole new way of life that will be providing a different level of  information and insights gained from my angels and guides. Hopefully, they are insights that may prove helpful to you too.

I will notify you once it is rolled out.  Meanwhile, my next post is just for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you enjoy it.

Love you all,

Friday, December 28, 2012


I seem to re-live them every so many years…you know, there's something you realize is important and you tuck it in your back pocket memory for a bit and before you know it, you kind of forgot the power of that moment.

Well that happened again to me just yesterday; a new Ah-Ha moment that I recall having before…albeit in a different way.   I won’t bore you with the details but this particular Ah-Ha was coupled with the ‘feeling’ of knowing and a bit of ‘envisioning’ about where and what my state of being has been. But it was a powerful moment, full of clarity and ripe for encouraging change. 
This time, instead of being uplifted temporarily and allowing my good old monkey brain to derail me, I will put reminders everywhere in 2013 to keep me on track. 

This important reminder is to ‘Live Large’.  What does that mean? Funny because after I wrote the above note, my 5 year old grandson came into the room and asked me to explain it to him.  So I had to say it aloud to him and myself, again.  I said, “It means to be all that you can be.” It means to shift the way I have been looking at my life; my daily expectations of how my day, week, month, life are unfolding.  It means remove the walls I have built, permitted, even encouraged, to define me, how my day goes, how my life works, etc.
Well, I've gotten darned good at narrowing my boundaries and my outcomes, and I’m not going to take it anymore. 

Did you ever see the movie that ends with people throwing open the windows to their houses and apartments as they yell out to anyone who can hear them; “I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it anymore”, or something like that?  Well that’s what we should all be saying to ourselves.  Generally speaking, as humanity…we are all pretty fed- up with the humdrum of our daily existence, we have settled for where we are - as we work harder to ‘manifest’ in the future, we believe we have no control over others who call the shots for our existence. Pretty common, boxed in way of thinking/manifesting. We may have clarity for a time, but boom, back into the trap of boundaries we fall.  ~WE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO WE ARE~

WAIT. What if we remove those self-imposed walls?  Scary thought, huh?  They do create our comfort zone.  BUT PLAY WITH THIS THOUGHT...WHAT IF we allow ourselves to recognize the HUGE, EXPANSIVE, POWERFUL SPIRITS THAT WE ARE?  WOW, wouldn’t that be awesome, empowering, uplifting, and life altering?  What’s to stop us?  Only us.  What’s to stop me?  Only me.  THERE ARE NO WALLS. WOW. NONE. I PUT THEM THERE. HELLO? MOI....NO WALLS.

I’m off to scribble ‘LIVE LARGE’ on every surface, sticky note and item I can find that my eyes will graze across in the coming days and months.  That is my mantra for 2013. Remember, remember, remember, the expansive, boundless stream from which we eminate; remember we are boundless even now...Remember to wake-up to our FULL POTENTIAL.

I wish the same for you in 2013 and beyond; the GIFT OF CLARITY, of who you really are and of what you truly want, and an EXPANSION OF SPIRIT that knows no bounds.  IMAGINE.

Wishing You a Happy New Year, A Joyful New You and all the sticky notes you need to Remember.
Love and Blessings,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Shaman Awakens ~ You Could Meet Yours Before Christmas

Ever wonder why things have changed for you?  I mean, things feel different, you don’t have the same energy you are accustomed to, your glass-half-full outlook has turned kind of blah, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the things you and your world make you responsible for…that kind of change.
Especially at this time of year when the sun makes fewer appearances in our days and the days are much shorter; life becomes more humdrum.  It’s a common trap for us all.
I found myself on this slippery slope recently for several months. I also spent a few weeks dealing with some aggravating illnesses that wouldn’t resolve and pondering why I allowed this anti-shift to occur. What was I getting out of it? What was the purpose? I’m not sure I got those answers but something lovely did come out of my desire to shift back into feeling more comfort in my own skin. I made a very small change.  I began to say “NO”. 
This wasn’t “NO” to someone else, but “NOto  me, to that nagging voice of constant responsibility that keeps driving me along, coercing me to put my joy last.  Almost out of desperation to pull myself out of this state of being, I began with very tiny steps, to insert some “me” moments into my week.
I could see this was a way of bringing back balance, which I have been sorely lacking.  I took an online test and found my chakra’s were out of whack.  I always pay attention to my Chakras…how did I get so wobbly?   That’s something I KNOW I cannot allow to happen. Health decline, I believe, is a direct result of a whacked out Chakra balance.     
                                                                          YOGURT ~
First I integrated plain yogurt back into my system with local honey.  It almost immediately cured my Gerds {at the advice of someone with strong Capricorn in their chart, of course}.   I knew about THAT balance but had forgotten it. If you have constant indigestion at night, could be your last bout of antibiotic wiped out your good bacteria.  The PLAIN yogurt just fixes you right up.    So wow, it was another shift.  This was the GOOD domino effect occuring.   Then I began to work on my Chakras.
I put myself to bed  hours earlier than normal one night and after bedtime prayers with my grandson, I heard myself chanting Om’s at different sound levels while in bed. It put him to sleep and I was quite relaxed.  I don’t wonder where these impulses come from anymore. When they show up, I just do it. 
The next morning I rose early, before anyone else, and did a half hour of Chakra Balancing Yoga – it’s available on Comcast, channel 1 under Sports/ Yoga options.  Honestly, I could feel the LIGHT coming back in to me.
Later I stopped to buy a tiny Christmas gift at a new holistic shop, and found STONES. You know how I love my rocks. They resonate with me, I have always used them in healing sessions for my clients, and of course for myself. I have had an affinity for rocks since I was little and it just blossomed as I learned about their amazing healing properties.
As I selected some new stones for my Chakra balancing I caught sight of a lovely stone bracelet made of Red Jasper.   I had been looking for something with Carnelian, as that is my favorite GoTo stone for the 2nd Chakra.  The girl there handed me the Stone Bible book, which listed Red Jasper as an aide in balancing the charkas. 
    HAHA I LOVE how Spirit works. 
    Of course it’s now on my wrist.
    Later, I made an impromptu decision for lunch    with my dear,dear friend Linda Hawk.
{I am surrounded by Linda’s it seems and also by Capricorns – Oh gawd aren’t they always the voice of reason?}   Anyway, Linda’s first comment on seeing me was, “Wow, you look so lit up”.  Linda is always about Spirit so I knew what she meant.  It was about how I also felt, FINALLY back in touch with myself and with Spirit, and much lighter. That inner glow was coming back.
As I spoke with her about my recent shift,  It seems I moved into 3rd person perspective as I  heard myself talk about how spiritual practice, even shamanic practices and natures tools, have always been such a powerful part of who I am, of how I connect to Spirit.   And how lately, with the responsibilities of my life I have narrowed and narrowed and narrowed that path of who I am, until I have almost excluded the use of those moments, which bring magic, real magic to awaken me.
Think on that for a moment…what brings you great joy when you are all alone? Is it a walk in the woods?  It is practicing your golf swing, fishing? Is it time spent in service at your church or synagogue? Is it baking or cooking for others? Is it feeling the sun on your face while saying a prayer of thanks?
What connects you joyfully to Spirit, what lights you up inside?  That moment, that action, then and there…
your Shaman is guiding your soul to be who you are. 
Looking back at that dark corridor I am emerging from, which has of course been self-imposed, and fortunately short-lived.  I see, as I do energy work with hospice patients and their caregivers, time and again, how the caregiver feels such responsibility to their loved one that all of who they are has dissolved into the ethers…and I watch them decline.  So it is of us in our most intense “responsibility mode”.
Well then, ponder this:  WE ARE OUR OWN CAREGIVERS. 
How is it I have allowed this to happen?  And more importantly I write this for you to ask the same of yourself.  What kind of job are you doing caring for yourself?  And...have you met your own Shaman on the path to responsibility lately?
As we are in such unstable times, it is more important than ever to stay in touch with our own Shaman.  What do you turn to that brings magic into your life, into your very soul?  What ignites your inner flame and are you tending to that fire now?
With Christmas, other holidays and the end of this year upon us…it seems futile to wait to begin anew in the next year when ~
                                          OUR SOULS SEEK JOY NOW.
PLEASE ALLOW YOUR JOY TO HAPPEN.  TAKE YOURSELF THERE, no matter how long it’s been or how silly it seems.  Your Inner Shaman can ignite that glow and reunite you with the best of yourself again.
I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL, JOYFILLED, SPIRIT FILLED, BLESSED, CHRISTMAS, HANNUKAH, HOLIDAY SEASON.  And if a Planetary Shift occurs on the 21st, I wish us all a peaceful transition of LOVE and GRACE. 
May we each impact positive change for ALL in the new year,
beginning within.                                                                       

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"3 Days of Love" campaign and Buying Local
posted from Agape Center
Three days of thoughts, words and actions of Love and Peace cannot
be anything but good and positive, connecting Wo+Man=Kind.
The Shift Network - which is focused on the energetic changes proposed to occur during the Dec. 2012 shift; has birthed this project in conjunction with numerous world peace advocates.  Read more about it at these two websites:  and
Also, another simple way to effect positive change, especially as we near the holiday shopping season; Shop Locally.  I have said that before to  myself, joined in that thought process with others, but it's so easy, no...almost automatic, to make a quick stop at my local big chain card store, or big chain anything else to pick-up the items the kids saw on T.V. or buy a sweater for my sister as a surprise.
Just yesterday, I bought some free-range eggs from my friend 'Juli-ahh', {my affectionate name for her}, who has a small farm shared with her spouse. Though she is an energy-worker and essential oil aromatherapist, the farm life -- like Green Acres, 'is the life for her'.   In many ways I envy her ability to have the ongoing connection to the earth - even as she too struggles with her choices and momentum on this planet. Looking at a field of green or a hilltop covered with trees in their autumn dress, when arising each day, surely helps to give a centering perspective to what has become a hectic lifestyle on planet earth.
I back to the eggs.  They ARE FABULOUS.  If you have not ever purchased free-range eggs from a farm stand near you, it's a MUST-DO.  The flavor is so far beyond store bought that I must say, there is little comparison.  As Juli-ahh says, "they come from happy chickens."
So there are multiple benefits of buying locally; shopping on Etsy from people who have stepped into their gifts by creating things for the rest of us; supporting the local struggling artist, farmer, baker, etc. of course supports our local ecosystem.   See the link to Juli-ahhh's studio on the farm in the right column under 'Lovely Blogspots to Visit'.
In retrospect, while hurricane Sandy was picking up steam and headed to the east coast, the west coast was having sizeable earthquakes - centered in British Columbia.  With Hawaii on watch for a Tsunami it became clear to me that in one day or one hour, we could suddenly find ourselves totally dependent on our local community and our neighbors.  It is our local ecosystem {ecological and economic} that we need to get back to.  And supporting this system now will enrich and enliven us and hopefully reconnect each local system to a larger whole.  In a sense, that could create a very different reality and support system for country and our globe.  It's a simple approach that would grow organically - outward from each one of us.  What a wonderful way to impact positive change.  That's even better than political choices, because in the end larger groups of people effect the biggest change.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


 A Little Help From Gaia
It's time to share my experience with you  

Stones, rocks, minerals and crystals fascinated me as a child.  As a clairvoyant adult I became interested in the study of these powerful little objects for use in healing and the Chakra system of energy.  In 2007, after completing a session on a client and bidding her farewell, I heard a voice telling me to lie down on the massage table and line the stones up on myself.  I thought, ‘Why not?’  There were personal issues that needed healing, which I had been struggling with. But almost immediately I fell into a deep sleep.   When I awoke, which I thought was within minutes of my dozing off but had actually been almost an hour, I lay there thinking I had missed my opportunity to communicate as I had been instructed and instead had fallen asleep.  As I sat up slowly, the Rough Fluorite stone that had been placed on my heart charka fell into my lap.  I looked at it and found it had blown apart into 3 pieces, one of them was actually on the floor.  I was both shocked and amazed at the thought this sizeable, hard stone had blasted into pieces by itself and that I was not awakened by that event.  My thoughts went to the problem that I should have been working on and for the first time the pain and anger I had felt in my heart was gone.  This was not a small issue…but rather one that affected many years of my adult life.   The healing of my heart stayed with me.  I was able to forgive and totally let go of the entire situation, and began a new personal journey forward.  The angels had shown me how powerfully these helpers of the mineral kingdom can be when we are open to using them.  This was not my last personal experience with the use of minerals and crystals.

Since that time, during readings, I am often shown or told of a particular mineral, crystal or stone the client should be working with to aide them in a self-help or healing process and I share that information with them. 

I am happy to now offer this focused tool for self-help.  If you feel it is time on your journey to rebalance, renew, and clear yourself of old debris, to move forward and empower yourself to manifest more clearly, with guidance from a higher source and the assistance of the mineral kingdom, this may be of interest to you;  
Read Crystal Reading events in the right top column.

Meanwhile, I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  Living in the moment is one of the biggest challenges we face.  Finding a way to do so, even for brief periods of time, can really ramp up the energy fields, renew our spirits and usher us into a place of joy.  I wish for you JOY, today and always. 

We are all one.
Blessings and Bliss,