Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Dear Friends;

I'm working diligently on some big projects that should have launched months ago.  I have learned to listen to messages and trust the flow. Where there is a block or delay there is often a higher reason, as frustrating as that can be I know to trust it.

Until this all comes together, (and it will soon now, in a new online presence with wonderful options for visitors to be involved in some processes that will offer ways to uplift and shift your life joyfully), I felt that resurrecting this blog is the way to go.  I don't do things little, I go for the big stuff but I'm a slow mover with my moon in Aries I need quick results, so I feel the inner struggle even when I'm in a place of trust.

So I'm pushing myself forward here and making a point of offering at least weekly posts for updates, news and cool stuff.   I want you to gain something and enjoy the postings, and truth be told this will help get me into the regular flow of things again until the big new website is launched.

Yesterday, as I'm feeling the self-push big time....and if you know me at all you know how important signs and symbols are as Divine messages in my life.... I came home after a short while away and found this HUGE sign painted on the road in front of my house.   Hahahaha. OK, OK. no need to rush I suppose. Thanks to my angels for the HUGE message. Can't get much louder than that!

Maybe it's a good week for you to pay attention to signs and symbols around you too.  Asking a question and than just waiting is a good way to do that and it's also a good way to get some answers.  I clearly needed some BIG guidance. :o) I guess we all do.

Be Joyful!  It's good stuff.

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