Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Shaman Awakens ~ You Could Meet Yours Before Christmas

Ever wonder why things have changed for you?  I mean, things feel different, you don’t have the same energy you are accustomed to, your glass-half-full outlook has turned kind of blah, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the things you and your world make you responsible for…that kind of change.
Especially at this time of year when the sun makes fewer appearances in our days and the days are much shorter; life becomes more humdrum.  It’s a common trap for us all.
I found myself on this slippery slope recently for several months. I also spent a few weeks dealing with some aggravating illnesses that wouldn’t resolve and pondering why I allowed this anti-shift to occur. What was I getting out of it? What was the purpose? I’m not sure I got those answers but something lovely did come out of my desire to shift back into feeling more comfort in my own skin. I made a very small change.  I began to say “NO”. 
This wasn’t “NO” to someone else, but “NOto  me, to that nagging voice of constant responsibility that keeps driving me along, coercing me to put my joy last.  Almost out of desperation to pull myself out of this state of being, I began with very tiny steps, to insert some “me” moments into my week.
I could see this was a way of bringing back balance, which I have been sorely lacking.  I took an online test and found my chakra’s were out of whack.  I always pay attention to my Chakras…how did I get so wobbly?   That’s something I KNOW I cannot allow to happen. Health decline, I believe, is a direct result of a whacked out Chakra balance.     
                                                                          YOGURT ~
First I integrated plain yogurt back into my system with local honey.  It almost immediately cured my Gerds {at the advice of someone with strong Capricorn in their chart, of course}.   I knew about THAT balance but had forgotten it. If you have constant indigestion at night, could be your last bout of antibiotic wiped out your good bacteria.  The PLAIN yogurt just fixes you right up.    So wow, it was another shift.  This was the GOOD domino effect occuring.   Then I began to work on my Chakras.
I put myself to bed  hours earlier than normal one night and after bedtime prayers with my grandson, I heard myself chanting Om’s at different sound levels while in bed. It put him to sleep and I was quite relaxed.  I don’t wonder where these impulses come from anymore. When they show up, I just do it. 
The next morning I rose early, before anyone else, and did a half hour of Chakra Balancing Yoga – it’s available on Comcast, channel 1 under Sports/ Yoga options.  Honestly, I could feel the LIGHT coming back in to me.
Later I stopped to buy a tiny Christmas gift at a new holistic shop, and found STONES. You know how I love my rocks. They resonate with me, I have always used them in healing sessions for my clients, and of course for myself. I have had an affinity for rocks since I was little and it just blossomed as I learned about their amazing healing properties.
As I selected some new stones for my Chakra balancing I caught sight of a lovely stone bracelet made of Red Jasper.   I had been looking for something with Carnelian, as that is my favorite GoTo stone for the 2nd Chakra.  The girl there handed me the Stone Bible book, which listed Red Jasper as an aide in balancing the charkas. 
    HAHA I LOVE how Spirit works. 
    Of course it’s now on my wrist.
    Later, I made an impromptu decision for lunch    with my dear,dear friend Linda Hawk.
{I am surrounded by Linda’s it seems and also by Capricorns – Oh gawd aren’t they always the voice of reason?}   Anyway, Linda’s first comment on seeing me was, “Wow, you look so lit up”.  Linda is always about Spirit so I knew what she meant.  It was about how I also felt, FINALLY back in touch with myself and with Spirit, and much lighter. That inner glow was coming back.
As I spoke with her about my recent shift,  It seems I moved into 3rd person perspective as I  heard myself talk about how spiritual practice, even shamanic practices and natures tools, have always been such a powerful part of who I am, of how I connect to Spirit.   And how lately, with the responsibilities of my life I have narrowed and narrowed and narrowed that path of who I am, until I have almost excluded the use of those moments, which bring magic, real magic to awaken me.
Think on that for a moment…what brings you great joy when you are all alone? Is it a walk in the woods?  It is practicing your golf swing, fishing? Is it time spent in service at your church or synagogue? Is it baking or cooking for others? Is it feeling the sun on your face while saying a prayer of thanks?
What connects you joyfully to Spirit, what lights you up inside?  That moment, that action, then and there…
your Shaman is guiding your soul to be who you are. 
Looking back at that dark corridor I am emerging from, which has of course been self-imposed, and fortunately short-lived.  I see, as I do energy work with hospice patients and their caregivers, time and again, how the caregiver feels such responsibility to their loved one that all of who they are has dissolved into the ethers…and I watch them decline.  So it is of us in our most intense “responsibility mode”.
Well then, ponder this:  WE ARE OUR OWN CAREGIVERS. 
How is it I have allowed this to happen?  And more importantly I write this for you to ask the same of yourself.  What kind of job are you doing caring for yourself?  And...have you met your own Shaman on the path to responsibility lately?
As we are in such unstable times, it is more important than ever to stay in touch with our own Shaman.  What do you turn to that brings magic into your life, into your very soul?  What ignites your inner flame and are you tending to that fire now?
With Christmas, other holidays and the end of this year upon us…it seems futile to wait to begin anew in the next year when ~
                                          OUR SOULS SEEK JOY NOW.
PLEASE ALLOW YOUR JOY TO HAPPEN.  TAKE YOURSELF THERE, no matter how long it’s been or how silly it seems.  Your Inner Shaman can ignite that glow and reunite you with the best of yourself again.
I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL, JOYFILLED, SPIRIT FILLED, BLESSED, CHRISTMAS, HANNUKAH, HOLIDAY SEASON.  And if a Planetary Shift occurs on the 21st, I wish us all a peaceful transition of LOVE and GRACE. 
May we each impact positive change for ALL in the new year,
beginning within.                                                                       

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