Sunday, June 1, 2014


Yipee! All new technology offering for Distance Readings! I'm so excited about this for both you and I.
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Beginning this month I will be offering my Distance Readings available LIVE ONLINE while we discuss the reading via the phone.   It is a wonderful way for you to SEE the reading while we discuss your questions and the answers that Spirit has provided for you.
I will explain my Distance Reading process below in more detail and also there are
several write-ups about my readings here on my blog.
Meanwhile, to jump right in to this new media for readings, I am offering a SPECIAL RATE for the month of JUNE ONLY.   The 3 Question Reading with Energy Scan,(normally $85 ) will be $65 only during the month of June and only when booked 1 week prior to the requested time for reading.  Do keep in mind I get fairly tightly booked in any case, and when I offer SPECIALS like this, the booking times get even tighter, especially near the end of the month.
That's just an FYI if you tend to procrastinate as many do.

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:  Normally, you email me 3 questions and give me permission to enter your energy field during the reading. I respond with a date and time we will meet-up on the phone.  At that time I will have already done your reading plus an energy scan of your energy field. 
When I call you at the scheduled time and we spend approximately 45 minutes on the phone reviewing what came for you and responses to your questions. 
NOW we will follow the same process however, I will email you prior to the phone call, with a link to an online site which will give you a live image of your reading on line.  We will then go over the reading and discuss what came for you and any other issues relating to your questions. 
My test clients have totally enjoyed this new way of being read at distance. 
I know you will enjoy it too.
Here is a link to some client reviews from my primary website,
which could use some updating but the posts are current.
Please take advantage of the JUNE SPECIAL to try this out.  I think you will find it a great advantage over a distance phone chat. I am looking forward to your next reading with me. 
And don't forget, Distance Readings make awesome gifts for your friends and family too!
DURING THE READING I connect with your Angels, Guides and Holy Spirit.  At this time I begin with a SCAN OF YOUR ENERGY FIELD.  A variety of things may come through for you from wellness tips based on your needs, to messages from deceased loved ones.  What I also get is an outline of the condition of your energy fields, your primary Chakras - followed by being shown what Crystals or Minerals would aid you in rebalancing yourself if that is what is needed.

REMEMBER - You SAVE $15 when you sign up for the JUNE SPECIAL.  

or via check, sent prior to the scheduled reading.

EMAIL /  to schedule your reading today.

P.S. Make sure you go to my facebook page and write a post to be put on the Winning List.  Two people will be selected for a Free will depend on WHO GUESSES THE MAGIC WORD, which is in the content of this page.(If no one guesses it, I will select two people by order of their number in line of postings.) Those numbers are hidden up my sleeve.   GUESS via this link and Good Luck!!/lindavaros

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