Friday, November 22, 2013


This is from my personal family cookbook.  It's the recipe my mom gave me when I got married and cooked my first holiday turkey.

She was a beautiful woman with a funny sense of humor.  She included that humor in her recipes, which were always a success, even when I've used them.  

Barbara will be happy to know she was able to help you make your holiday bird.
Remember, this is an old fashioned recipe for using turkey from the local market or farm.

Take the turkey and clean it out
lay it on it's back
lift out the stuff between the bones on the back (in other words, clean it out well),
set the gizzards aside for later
burn off any hair with matches
cut off the part that went over the fence last
rinse it out
stuff it
make an aluminum tent and place it over the body and legs
bake at 350 degrees for  - 1 hour for each 2 lbs.
keep a bit of water in the bottom of the pan
(use a basting syringe to draw up the fluid ever hour and rinse it over the bird to keep it moist, add a bit of water as needed, replace foil)
Be careful not to undercook...too pink and tough/ or overcook, dried out and crunchy. Just test it.


Several loaves of day old bread (approx. 3 for an 18 lb turkey)
2 chicken bullion cubes
1.5 cups hot water
1 TBS poultry seasoning, more if you like stronger seasoning
2 eggs
chopped celery, onions and mushrooms
Salt and pepper and maybe a bit of garlic

Cube the bread and toss the chopped ingredients in a bowl with the bread cubes
dampen the bread mix (do not soak) dampen the bread with the water bullion solution
add the 2 eggs and sprinkle spices over top
mix all together very well
Place one end of loaf slice into the cavity all the way to the end
stuff the bird with your mixture
place the other end of loaf slice at the end of the stuffing just inside the cavity opening between the legs
Take a needle and thread and sew it shut
(or use skewers)
sit the bird in your turkey roaster pan
add some water to cover the bottom of the pan
IF YOU WISH - place the neck and heart from the bird cavity inside the pan next to the bird.
This will add flavor to your broth
Cover with foil tent
set temp at 350 and set the timer for 1 hour for each 2lbs of turkey weight
check on it every hour and drizzle liquid over the bird using the baster.
When it's ready, enjoy your bird.
Never pre-mix stuffing and let it sit overnight. 
Never stuff the bird unless you are ready to cook it

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